Emily's Umbrellas

About Emilys Umbrellas

Emily - CEO & Founder

I have been creating beautiful environments for people for three decades now; designing and fabricating top-quality interior window fashions from Cape Cod to Boston to Washington D.C. But now, I’m devoting my passion and skills to the great outdoors in the form of elegant patio and pool umbrellas!

What inspired me? Well, while sitting on my deck enjoying a drink one summer evening, I looked up to a drab old umbrella and thought, this has to go! But I couldn’t settle on the color or pattern I wanted for a new canopy. That’s when the sewing wheels in my mind began to turn and before I knew it, I was on the path to patenting the world’s first reversible umbrella. I gathered a team of expert stitchers and cutters (with a combined 50 years of experience fabricating top quality umbrellas) and began creating a wide array of custom designed, American made umbrellas.

Each umbrella features a host of customizable details for a truly personal design that makes a memorable statement about its owner’s taste and surroundings. And with a reversible canopy, this can change easily to fit any occasion and mood!

So what’s your fancy? Square or octagonal shape? Solid, stripes or a patterned fabric? Traditional style or with a kick of a ruffle or tassels to hang? You can even have original artwork printed on your canopy!

Whatever style you have in mind, a custom reversible umbrella enables you to capture it today - and change it tomorrow!